10 Things That Worked Very Well In The Last 30 Days

Pranav Naik
2 min readNov 13, 2022


Last 30 days have been exhilarating. Since the time I jumped onboard the Ship30 program, many things did happen very well and on #Day30 I am writing about those -

1/ I took the jump (and boarded Ship30) — I was observing fellow shippers from last few cohorts, skeptical if I should enroll or not. But I took the jump and enrolled. And I believe it will open a whole new world for me

2/ I shipped for 28 days (and didn’t miss twice in row) — 28/30 is a good enough score I believe 😋

3/ I was relentless with shipping — I shipped on holidays, from trips with friends, from places with near-dead internet, on an overnight bus journey. In fact the 2 days I missed, I was in the comfort of my house 😅

4/ I leveraged repositories and explored ideas — I preplanned a list of ~20 ideas for shipping, I worked on many drafts in advance, I got inspiration from the weirdest of the sources. Got featured 3 times in the Atomic Essays that Ship30 team loved reading 🙌

5/ I managed daily shipping in the middle of many non-routine activities — I shipped daily with my job, in the middle of planning for a shift of cities, while packing and moving the existing house

6/ I experimented about my online writing for the first time — Ship30 is the first ever experiment about exploring my online writing potential and moved one step ahead of just talking about writing. I realized this when a friend pointed this out.

7/ I became part of community of like-minded shippers — Right from the break-out room after first session, many retweets and replies about how fellow shippers could relate to what I posted, I never felt move included in a any community.

8/ I learnt about TypeShare and more about Twitter — This is the first time I am using a simple automated platform like TypeShare. This is the first time I moved beyond just scrolling on Twitter.

9/ I felt comfortable shipping about my weaknesses and bad habits — I wrote about my over-thinking and some mistakes I did in my life. But I was sure that I won’t be judged by fellow shippers.

10/ I got a super confidence boost — Henceforth, I won’t Overthink before shipping anything online. I will feel more confident being the part of other Creator Programs. I will be looking forward to exciting opportunities in the Creator Economy !

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