5 Things That Didn’t Go Well In The Last 30 Days

Pranav Naik
2 min readNov 12, 2022

Standing very close the finish line of #Day30, there would be many things that did go well which my fellow shippers would post about in coming few days. I would do that too.

But I thought why not figure out some things that did not go well (without assigning blame to anyone). So here it is -

1/ I missed Shipping for 2 Days (So Far)

This happened for no extra-ordinary reason. Maybe I was too tired or really could not think about anything to write. As Dickie and Cole say, you are bound to miss on some days, but I still think that I should acknowledge it.

2/ I deviated from the topics I stared with

I started to write about Mindfulness, Personal Finance and Philosophy, but I deviated on some days — which I am not sure is the right thing or not. Maybe my thinking is still growing about these topics.

3/ I missed some of the live sessions

The time zone difference was bit of a challenge, but the live sessions were not at a completely weird time for me. Probably the worst part is I could not follow the session recordings within a day or two and mostly stretched beyond that.

4/ I mostly did not work on my essays on my sacred hour

This is a major difficulty I face — forming a routine around any new activity I start. Here too, I mostly ended up shipping on different times of the day.

5/ I could have interacted more with other shippers’ content

Community is all about give and take and I can say that I could have definitely given more in these 30 days and been more active about fellow shipper’s content.

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