How I almost got scammed online today …

Pranav Naik
2 min readNov 5, 2022

Quick Context

I was selling old furniture on a well-known website. Found a prospective buyer immediately, agreed on quoted price. When it came to transferring money online, I got a link which could have leaked my PIN for P2P online payments app. Fortunately, I did not fall pray but many others could …

Falling for online fraud can cause a big dent on one’s personal finance and also a lot of headache and worries. Some pointers to keep in mind while dealing online -

1. Lookout for too much discount or no negotiation

Fraudsters will try to impress you one way or other. If someone is agreeing for huge discounts without much much negotiations, something could be fishy.

2. Be aware of falsely created sense of urgency and/or fear

Get alert when you hear “Offer is only for 20 mins” OR “You will lose access to your account” OR “We have your record scanning adult content”. It could be an attempt to create panic which could lead to distorted proportion

3. Especially make the elders in the family aware about online scams

Elders could be an easier target, as they are more prone fall pray for panic or emotional situation. I have known cases where an elderly person in my family had almost installed Team Viewer and was about to give access to a “Bank Executive” calling for “Help”

4. Don’t share your contact details or Personal IDs

This one is well-known but still many don’t think twice before creating log-ins using personal details. We never know where and how this information can be used and what level of fraud can be done

5. Report, As soon as you can

Try to keep the means to report any fraud handy and known to you. Be it a customer care number or nearest center. Don’t be shy or scared or ashamed when reporting any fraud.

A common citizen earns his/her livelihood with a lot of toil in personal and professional life. Being a little smart while being online can save us some (or more) money and also from the heart-wrenching troubles of online fraud.

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