Mindfulness: Part 2

Pranav Naik
2 min readNov 4, 2022

The first step towards being Mindful is about being the best friend of yourself, who will help you understand your actions, reactions and the intent behind those from a neutral third point of view.

But sometimes, the unsettled mind, spiraled thoughts aren’t always something one can deal alone with. That’s when mind feels helpless, hopeless and often cannot stop over-thinking about “Why Me” or “Why Now” …

And this is when one comes to realize how infinitesimally few number of things one actually controls and this realization helps lead to second step for being mindful — Surrender to the Great Power and believe in the things this great power is planning for you !

Great power could mean different to different people and thus ways of surrendering to this great power could be different. But here are three easy steps/phases in practicing mindfulness while surrendering to the great power you believe in -

1. Understand neither happiness nor misery is permanent

The world is transitory, everything is ephemeral so is the state of our mind and body and so are the situations around us. Happiness is not going to last forever, neither misery going to cripple you for eternity.

2. Do the task at hand

Often times, doing the task at hand is the only thing one can do. Keep doing so, even if there is no clarity about where everything is leading. Road gets clearer as you move forward

3. Remain rooted in your natural bliss

All belief systems point towards the eternal blissful nature of the great power. All the creations of the great power, including us humans, are naturally blissful (remember childhood !). So make blissful as the default state of mind and body

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