The App I Can’t Do Without for Decluttering

Pranav Naik
2 min readOct 31, 2022

Today, there is an app for everything. But when it comes to decluttering of knowledge and maintaining a repository of your notes, thoughts, quotes, images and literally everything, there is 1 app I can’t live without:


  1. It is Cloud Based Tool

Notion is always available, anywhere as long as you have internet. All of your data is stored on cloud, means you no longer have to maintain local copies of your data on your personal laptop. You can just open the app anywhere and refer to your notes

  1. The User Interface is very simple and intuitive

You want insert/create a note, essay, table, image, database, links between document — you can do all of that very easily. There are lot of “How To” videos on YouTube for using Notion

  1. Notion has Tags

Whenever any media is created, Notion lets you assign tags to it. Tags could be for Author, Date, Status, Name, Category and many others. Best part is you can filter based on Tags so searching something becomes super-easy.

  1. Notion has useful Views

Let’s say you are creating a list of articles (like I did for Ship30For30) and now I want to view it as Table or Project Board or Timeline or Gallery — you can do so easily in Notion. Switching between views is super-easy.

  1. Notion is Mobile Friendly

You got an idea on the fly, you don’t have to write it on a chit and use it later. Just open your Notion App, open the repository for ideas and done. Having a mobile app makes the using Notion super handy.

  1. Notion is Free for Individual Users

For retail users, Notion is currently free. The features might be limited but definitely sufficient for personal use.

Notion is a perfect de-clutter solution for anyone who keeps a lot of things on paper notes, Excel, Word or otherwise. Out of declutter, comes clarity !

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