The best piece of advice I got resonates with Mindfulness

Pranav Naik
2 min readOct 19, 2022

Three incidents in my life made me realize one of my greatest strengths — Proactiveness

  1. When I got into a good stable job 5 years back, the first thing I did was create an expense tracker. I have been recording all of my expenses since then.
  2. When I mother underwent a major surgery, I literally moved every needle for the quick recovery and comfort of my mother
  3. When I planned a Europe trip last year, I had planned excessively — not only about stays and travel but also about Indian embassies, if I happen to lose my passport 😅

I was always praised for being on top of everything in personal and professional life. This proactiveness took me to a point where I didn’t want anything left to the chance. There was hardly anything unplanned and decided on-the-go.

Since the time I got married, I started to realize a different point of view. My wife is from enjoy-the-moment club. She always relied on her instincts and just went-with-the-flow.

But during one of our late-night philosophical conversations, my wife told me something and it has stuck with me forever. This was the first part of the best advice I got -

Just go the flow ! The less clarity you seek, things will turn up in the most amazing way

There is no point about overly planning everything. Things happen at their own little pace, the way they are supposed to happen. You cannot anticipate every small detail and be prepared for it. There is fun in spontaneity too. Have the belief that you will have the strength and capability to handle the situation as and when it comes. This was the second part of the best advice I got -

We will cross the bridge when we get there !

And the best part about getting this advice was the timing. Had I not realized the the dark side of being proactive, it would have taken a huge toll on me. This was the first stroke of serendipity and a sign for me to believe in plans made for me by someone with the bigger might.

Thank you dear wife ! You are indeed a godsend !!

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